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A toolkit made for PMs

Whimsical has what you need to ideate, collaborate, and keep your team aligned on your next build.

Mind map maker

Instantly map complex topics, organize your thinking, and more with our one-click mind map maker.
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Flowchart maker

Visualize intricate processes in seconds and drive team alignment with our automated flowchart maker.
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Collaborate and build a web page or mobile app with just a few clicks using our low fidelity wireframe tool.
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Doc stack

Supercharge your docs with mind maps, flowcharts, and diagrams that explain your thinking.
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Mind map AI ✨

Ideate at the speed of thought, generate new concepts and break through mental blocks with our Mind Map AI.
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Text-to-flowchart AI ✨

Create user flows, visualize processes, and expand ideas to help guide your thinking with our Text-to-flowchart AI.
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Break down complex projects into achievable tasks and track them with a robust Kanban Board view.
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Embed your various Whimsical boards and visuals in other apps or tools using oEmbed, iFrames, and more.
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