Whimsical is used by world's fastest growing companies to collaborate at the speed of thought.

How Innovatemap uses Whimsical to move product solutions forward
Kate Harrison
Senior Product Manager
How Differential uses Whimsical to craft the ultimate product pitch
Drew Barontini
Chief Product Officer
A Tool Everyone Can Use: How Goodpatch Collaborates Using Whimsical
Monica Ray Scott
Design Strategist
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What customers say after using Whimsical…

We start almost every new project with Whimsical.
Andrea Hester
Director of Operations
I'm able to clearly work through ideas and have a place to continuously build on them.
I am able to get ideas out of my head faster and communicate with my team without having to spend excess time dealing with formatting and styling.
Sarah Hunt
Product Designer
I spend less time on designing rough ideas and more time on communicating the actual idea.
Xavier Bertels
Head of Product
Process maps and wireframes that used to take hours (and look awful) in other apps is fun and easy in Whimsical.
Charles Cushing
It's changed the way we whiteboard in general. We now use Whimsical to document any/ all whiteboard sessions, wireframing, and user flows. It's the easiest tool I've ever used for low res ideation.
Evan Brown
Director of Product Management
Being a "spacial thinker," Whimsical helps me organize my thoughts into visual elements. Now, it's easy to get organized.
Nathan K
Marketing Specialist
The way our company shares information internally has changed. Presentations and documents are more visual and hence easier to understand.
Sankalp Agarwal
Product Manager
Whimsical has brought visibility and transparency into our workflows for our team and the development teams who are helping us to solve the problems we are facing. The communication between divisions has improved due to the use of Whimsical.
Riana Back
Operations Manager
It saved me 90% of time and the result is 900% more beautiful.
Yifan Zhang
Senior Software Engineer
"Whimsical is irreplaceable on creating user flows. It is so easy to use and so intuitive. Great product. All of our design team is now addicted to it."
Siranush Hovsepyan
VP of Design
An idea pops up, I open Whimsical, materialize the idea and share it with others.
Luuk de Jonge
Product Manager
I'm able to concept ideas a lot quicker with less friction of a design heavy tool. I enjoy that Whimsical is stripped down. It helps me focus on flows, IA and other concepts. While not worrying about visual or interaction design work.
Roary Tubbs
Senior Product Designer
I'm more organized in my thought process and I also have been more collaborative in early stages of the project I am.
Senior UX Designer
The entire process is faster, easier ... and the result is easier to read
Danni Bennett
Whimsical allows me to create flows and prototypes quickly and effortlessly.
Federico Kotek
UX Designer
We start idea formation right inside Whimsical. We communicate more with flow charts, wireframes and cards - rather than lengthy documents.
John-Paul Della-Putta
Advance Business Consulting
It's the perfect app for wireframing.
Juan Cabo
UX Lead
Wireframing has become so much simpler because of Whimsical. I don't have to think about the bells and whistles of the tool and can truly focus on the job at hand - which is wireframing and not struggling with the tool. It's revolutionary and I recommend it to anyone who has a similar need.
Priyanka Sharma
Founder & Designer
I now spends less time with pixel-perfect designs in my wireframes.
Timothée Jouve
The simplicity and versatility of Whimsical lets me think out loud on a canvas. From planning product launches, mocking up page layouts to help communicate my vision to other team members and just using it to debug customer flows – Whimsical is my go to solution.
Zachary Dorsch
Product Marketing Manager
Whimsical mainly helps me visualize wordy documents and complex problems that trickle down to me from PMs.
Jess G
Product Designer
I can document and share ideas and concepts with my colleagues and clients without spending too much time on creating complex sketches.
Project Manager
Collaboration with my teammates is way easier and I have a useful tool that helps me present my ideas.
Rafal Kloc
Product Marketing Manager
It makes the ideation and wireframing phase really easy, allowing me to quickly note down ideas in a presentable format
Rohit Mondal
Senior Visual Designer
Having a beautifully designed online tool like Whimsical makes work more fun and it has made my workflow a lot faster and more convenient.
Stefan Schlatter
Founder & Freelance UX/UI Designer
Communication with stakeholders happens in a much easier way, iteration/changes are implemented much faster.
Hugo Monteiro
Product Manager
I work faster – crafting beautiful flowcharts in minutes, and editing them even faster. Simply love it!
UX Designer
Making and updating flowcharts has become considerably simpler
Ran Rimon
All of our concepts and ideas are much better visualized. Before Whimsical, when we had an idea, we just drew it out on paper. It was disorganized and sloppy. Now everything is organized and we can create beautiful concepts in just minutes!
Joey Mallat
Customer Success Manager