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Build the future of product work with us

We are passionate about building better tools for product builders.

We believe in focused and asynchronous work

Our culture and values are tightly coupled to the product we build. We design the product for the future of work we believe in and we design the company to represent that future.

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    We are specialists, eager learners, and persistent in our pursuit of quality work. We’re patient and committed because building great things takes time.

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    Long-term focus

    We're building Whimsical for the long-haul. We don't believe in growth at all costs. We strive to work calm, 40-hour work weeks.

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    Joyful building

    One of our mantras is that software should spark joy, not dread. It’s about empathy and going the extra mile to make software feel like magic.

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    We’ve built the company around the idea that everybody who joins us should feel like they are partners in the business. Our equity offers are 100% transparent and above market average.

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    Remote first

    We are 100% distributed team across 12 different countries from Denver to Auckland.

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    Whimsical is committed to doing our part towards sustainable future for the planet. We contribute 1% of our revenue to Stripe Climate initiatives.

What we offer

Best-in-class benefits

  • Competitive salary

    Our salaries are based on the US market, no matter where you live.

  • Paid time off

    Whimsicals enjoy six weeks of paid time off every year.

  • Equity

    We offer transparent, above market level equity.

  • Parental leave

    Get up to 16 weeks of paid parental leave.

  • Health, dental, & vision

    We offer fully paid for health, dental, and vision coverage.

  • 6% pension matching for US employees

    Whimsical will match contributions up to six percent of your income.

Current openings

Sorry, there are no active job openings at the moment.

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