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We are a passionate group of people on a mission to make distributed work better.

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The Whimsical team live and work all over the world, but we like to come together twice a year. Here's the team pictured enjoying Miami in January '23!

Our Philosophy

Whimsical is fast growing, yet we care deeply about doing things the right way.


We are specialists, eager learners, and persistent in our pursuit of quality work. We're patient and committed because building great things takes time.

Embracing Remote

We are a 100% remote team spread from California to Latvia. Remote work to us is more than just a way of doing things, it’s our cause because it democratizes the opportunities for people everywhere.


We don't believe in growth at all costs. Growth is a fundamental part of a healthy existence but we want it to be in balance with sustainability and bounded by ethical behavior. We strive to work calm, 40-hour work weeks. Whimsical is also committed to doing our part towards sustainable future for the planet.

Partnership Mindset

We’ve built the company around the idea that everybody who joins us should feel like they are partners in the business. Time is precious and we want Whimsical to be the place where people invest their time rather than sell it. Our equity offers are 100% transparent and above market average. We also pay everyone at the same level the same salary, no matter where they live.

Long-term Focus

We're building Whimsical for the long-haul, not a quick exit. We avoid shortcuts and consider every key decision from a 10+ year perspective.

Build for Joy

One of our mantras is that software should spark joy, not dread. It’s about empathy and going the extra mile to make software feel like magic.

What We Offer

Competitive salary—based on US market, no matter where you live
6 weeks of paid time off
Transparent, above market level equity
Paid parental leave
Fully paid health, dental & vision
401K with matching

Job Openings

Sorry, there are no active job openings at the moment.

If you would like to be considered for future positions, please send us your information through the general interest job posting below.