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  1. User offboarding

    Apr 16, 2024

    Managing the departure of users from your workspace just got easier with our new user offboarding feature. Now, you can automatically set a departing user’s “My files” to be transferred to a designated folder after a default waiting period of 72 hours. This allows for a grace period before file relocation, ensuring that files aren’t accidentally moved. Additionally, when manually offboarding a user, you have the flexibility to move their files immediately, after the 72-hour window, or opt to leave the files in their current location.

    You can set a user offboarding folder at or read the documentation on user offboarding.

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  2. More detailed workspace information

    Apr 15, 2024

    It’s easy to get lost if you're a member of multiple workspaces, so you can now see more details about each one - including the subscription plan and the total number of members.

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  3. Custom editor upgrade instructions

    Apr 8, 2024

    Sometimes workspace viewers need more access so they can edit or create files in Whimsical. Now workspace admins can provide custom instructions to their users on how to request an upgrade to the editor role in Whimsical. This is often helpful in larger organizations that have an existing process or ticketing system for requesting software licenses.

    This feature is available for paid workspaces. Workspace admins can configure custom editor upgrade instructions at or read the documentation on requesting workspace editor access.

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  4. See comment recipients

    Mar 28, 2024

    You’ll now see the names of all teammates who will be notified when you leave a comment. If your comment notifies more than three people, a simple hover will reveal all their names.

    Here’s when teammates will get notified:

    • They created the file you’re commenting on
    • They added the sticky note you’re commenting on
    • They added the annotation you’re commenting on
    • They’ve already commented on the thread
    • They chose to be notified of all comments in the file
    • You mention them in a comment
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  5. Configure SAML session timeouts

    Mar 15, 2024

    Workspace admins can now set how long SAML authenticated sessions last for. Organizations have different policies around how frequently users should be asked to re-authenticate. Now you can apply those policies to your Whimsical workspace.

    This is available to Org plan customers who have enabled SAML.

    You can get set up at, or learn more here.

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  6. Place comments anywhere on boards

    Feb 28, 2024

    Right-click anywhere on a board and select Add comment to place a comment wherever you like. You can also move comments around freely by dragging and dropping them.

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  7. Create files from Google

    Feb 22, 2024

    You can now create Whimsical files right from within your Google Docs. If you haven’t added our Google add-on yet, you can install it from Google’s Marketplace right here.

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  8. Tooltips now support color options

    Feb 16, 2024

    Tooltips no longer have to be grey - you now have the option to change their color.

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  9. Linear integration

    Feb 15, 2024

    When a Whimsical file is mentioned in your Linear issues, comments, or projects, we’ll add a backlink to them in Whimsical. Also, you’ll now see the status and title of Linear issues referenced in Whimsical.

    Learn more here.

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  10. Annotations supercharged

    Feb 13, 2024

    We’ve rolled out a handful of annoteworthy updates to annotations:

    • Annotation connectors will now attach to the objects they’re pointing at, and will keep their position even if you move things around.
    • You can show or hide author names in annotations.
    • Newly created annotations will inherit the color of the previous annotation.
    • For easier access, we’ve added the annotation element to the diagram shapes menu.
    • Or, you can just use the keyboard shortcut A to quickly create a new annotation.
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  11. HashiCorp icons

    Feb 12, 2024

    You'll find HashiCorp stack icons in the Design/Development category of our Icon library.

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  12. Table improvements in Whimsical Docs

    Feb 9, 2024

    We’re bringing three new features to the table. Tables in docs now support:

    • Uniform styling with new rows or columns matching the style of previously added rows and columns
    • Horizontal text aligment
    • Icons
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  13. Keep the same color when adding new shapes

    Feb 9, 2024

    Diagram shapes now preserve your last saved color. Any shape added from the toolbar or with a shortcut will match the look of the last one you added to the board.

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  14. RSS feed for Product updates

    Feb 9, 2024

    Product updates now has an RSS feed. This lets you read product updates in your RSS reader, and stay up to date on all of the latest Whimsical feature releases.

    You can subscribe with your RSS reader of choice at

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  15. Image captions

    Feb 8, 2024

    Turn captions on if you want to add more context to your visuals, or hide them if your image is worth a thousand words.

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  16. GitHub link improvements

    Feb 8, 2024

    Pasted GitHub issue and pull request links will automatically transform into dynamic references displaying their title and current status.

    Just make sure you have our GitHub integration installed.

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  17. Present your wireframes

    Feb 6, 2024

    You can now turn your wireframes into a presentation. Click the present icon at the top-right corner, select and arrange the frames you want to present and hit Present to start a full-screen slideshow you can easily click through.

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  18. View embedded boards as presentations

    Jan 24, 2024

    You can now display embedded boards in a presentation format! Paste a board link into a doc and select presentation to view its content in a click-through deck.

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  19. A new home for product updates

    Jan 18, 2024

    We’ve given product update! You can now explore our latest releases without leaving the Whimsical web app. Find something you like? Celebrate it with the Whimsicians who made it happen.

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  20. View your AI prompt history

    Jan 17, 2024

    Now you can find your 10 most recent prompts in the AI modal to edit and reuse.

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  21. Our Grammarly integration is here!

    Jan 11, 2024

    Grammarly’s browser extensions are now compatible with Whimsical to help you identify typos, write clearly, and convey the right tone, whatever you’re writing. For those using the Grammarly desktop app with Whimsical, we fixed the bug that put accepted suggestions in the wrong place.

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  22. Our built-in emoji keyboard is here

    Jan 10, 2024

    Brighten any doc or board by typing : to search and add emojis.

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  23. Rotate images in boards

    Dec 1, 2023

    You can now rotate images on Whimsical boards. If an image gets accidentally uploaded upside down, give this feature a spin.

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  24. Sequence diagram actors

    Nov 29, 2023

    Whimsical now has a native tool for creating sequence diagrams. To get started, click the diagram shapes menu, then select sequence diagram actor. Combine sequence diagram actors with connectors to build and scale any sequence diagram.

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  25. Whimsical Diagrams GPT

    Nov 29, 2023

    If you're a ChatGPT Plus user, you can now generate flowcharts, mind maps and sequence diagrams in ChatGPT with the Whimsical Diagrams GPT.

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  26. Whimsical AI for sequence diagrams

    Nov 27, 2023

    Need to create a technical or process diagram? Consider it done. You can now create sequence diagrams instantly with Whimsical AI. To get started, select generate with AI from the toolbar, enter a text prompt, select sequence diagram, then create. Checkout this demo video for more info.

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  27. Paste as options that format content for you

    Nov 22, 2023

    Decide how pasted content comes to life with new pasting options for docs and boards. Just copy content, then right-click and paste as a mind map, sticky note(s), card(s), table or bulleted list.

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  28. Improved file search when adding links

    Nov 13, 2023

    We’ve made it easier to create and share links to files across your Whimsical workspace. The ‘Add link’ menu will now allow you to search files, as well as suggest files based on highlighted text. No more tab switching needed!

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  29. Filter selection

    Nov 8, 2023

    You can now filter a selection of items down to just the ones you want. Select items on a board, click the filter menu, and choose a shape or color. Presto: the matching items are selected! Try it out the next time you need to move or style items in bulk.

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  30. Paste mermaid text as a flowchart

    Nov 7, 2023

    You can paste mermaid flowcharts as Whimsical flowcharts.

    Mermaid is a diagram format written in plain text. It is often stored alongside source code or other technical documentation.Once pasted, you can immediately start editing and customizing your flowchart. Add new steps, change texts, or adjust the design to make it fit your needs. This feature makes it simple to bring in diagrams from other tools or documents and continue working on them in Whimsical.

    Get started by pasting this example flowchart into a board:

    graph LR
    A[User requests password reset]
    B{Is the user registered?}
    A --> B
    B -- Yes --> C[Send password reset link to user's email]
    C --> D[User receives password reset link]
    B -- No --> E[Inform user that they are not registered]
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