Customer Journey Templates

A customer journey map helps you understand the experience your customer is having. Understanding the customer experience helps you answer questions such as:

  • How do people use our product?
  • Where are the gaps in our sales funnel?
  • How can we improve our customer experience?

Customer journey mapping can help show people’s motivation, which channels you are reaching them on, the actions they take and the pain points they experience.

Customer Journey Examples

Simple Customer Journey Map

Simple Customer Journey Map

  • Understand your customers thoughts, motivations and frustrations around using your product.
  • Answer questions around product usage and discover opportunities for improving your customer experience.
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User Journey Map

User Journey Map

  • Derive detailed insights into your user's experience at key moments in their journey.
  • Map out user sentiments and determine areas to improve their experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 6 steps to map the customer journey?

Step 1: Decide what your goal is. What do you want to understand?

Step 2: Find or create your user personas. This way you know whose experience you are mapping.

Step 3: Decide on the users’ goal, their thoughts and  expectations, and any pain points they might experience along the way.

Step 4: Make a list of the channels and ways in which the customer will come into contact with you (touchpoints).

Step 5: Map the journey using a Whimsical template!

Step 6: Share the map with colleagues so that you can refine it and work together to improve the customer’s journey.

What should a customer journey map include?

A customer journey map should include:

  • Moments when customers interact with your product or business
  • What the customer is thinking
  • What the customer is feeling
  • The pain points they experience
  • Opportunities to improve their experience

The goal of the journey map is to create a shared understanding in your team. When everyone can see the customer journey laid out, they can begin to think about how they can craft a better customer experience.

How do I create a customer journey map template?

The quickest way to create a journey map is to start with a template. We have two free templates to get you started.

Once you have worked through the first steps to map the customer journey you will be able to see where you can edit the template to make it work best for you.