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About this template

Use our free process flowchart template to break down complex processes into easy-to-consume visuals in just a few clicks. Or use Whimsical AI to help you get started creating a flowchart.

For straightforward, linear processes, a simple text list is often best. However, when processes start to involve branching logic, conditions, or any "if this, then that" moments, a visual process flowchart is much better for showing what happens next.

Using just shapes and connectors, you can quickly create a flowchart in Whimsical that helps others understand a complex process at a glance. Or figure out the best way to solve a complicated problem while collaborating with your team in real time.

Adding details like annotations and helpful links to related team or project documentation will make your process flowchart even more effective. Utilize different colors throughout your flowchart to highlight important steps or shapes. The more context you can create for the process, the better your readers will understand how it works and why it matters.

In this simple process flowchart template, we outlined how to create a flowchart from scratch. We also took the time to explain all of the various flowchart shapes and when to use them. You can say a lot with just a single shape in a flowchart, so make sure to read that first.

While creating your own process flowchart, you can quickly add shapes, text, and connectors with a single click or our simple keyboard shortcuts.

Additionally, we have built Whimsical from the ground up for both speed and ease of use, so you won't waste precious time picking the right font or color. We already have done it for you, so you can focus on building the things that matter.

If you need help turning your complex process into a visual flowchart, try using Whimsical AI and our text-to-flowchart tool powered by ChatGPT. You can turn your text, list, or notes into a fully editable process flowchart in just a few seconds.

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