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Have an idea for an app, website, or marketing email? Use this lo-fi wireframe template to quickly explain exactly how a user will move through it.

Mobile wireframes aren't just for app developers anymore. Almost every product or design team must consider how their app or website will be viewed on a mobile device.

One of the best ways to start this process is to create a lo-fi mobile wireframe that outlines your idea. Jumping right into a high-fidelity wireframe will likely cause confusion and misalignment, especially if you still need to iron out all the user flows and tiny details.

One of the main benefits of a lo-fi mobile wireframe template is that you can efficiently explain how a user will move through your product, website, or app without wasting time making every pixel look perfect.

Our wireframe templates are ideal for quickly expressing and collaborating with your team on design ideas. With this mobile wireframe template, you can explain how someone might experience a new mobile flow, try out ideas for emails and landing pages, or give context for new feature ideas.

With Whimsical wireframes, you can also display how features and screens scale across device sizes using our watch, phone, tablet, and window frames. Or add some context or comments to your wireframe with our easy-to-use sticky notes.

If you need some extra inspiration, we have also collected mobile wireframe examples from top brands like Uber, Yelp, and Apple Music.

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