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About this template

Use this as your project plan template to communicate your project charter, project team, project status, key milestones, RACI, decisions, and risks in one central place.

Keeping everyone aligned on a brand-new project can be a full-time job unless you have a robust project plan documented.

Organize, track, collaborate, and share your brand new project with this project planning template.

With this simple planning template, you can quickly and accurately give an overview of the most essential project information so your team can share a single source of truth. And anyone outside your team can understand your colleagues' daily tasks and accomplishments.

This project plan template has been built from the ground up to keep you and your team on track with dedicated sections for:

  • Project Overview: A short description of the project so that anyone at the company can understand your work and goals.
  • Roles & Responsibilities: A simple table that outlines the roles and responsibilities of each of your team members on this project.
  • Milestones: Plot the significant milestones of your project and how you are progressing towards them.
  • Communication Plan: Outline the various communication channels and exactly when those channels should be used.
  • Risks: Summarize the distinct risks that this project could face and how your team plans to address those before they become blockers.
  • Key Decisions: Track the significant decisions and their impact on the project to keep everyone aligned.

In each of the main sections, we have outlined what type of information you should include, so even if this is your first time leading a new project, you can feel confident using this planning template.

Additionally, you can use our mind map, flowchart, and wireframing tools to visualize complex information in your project plan and drive alignment faster. Or try out our AI tools powered by ChatGPT to get ideas flowing.

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