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Latest bug fixes and improvements

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Here's a quick round-up of our latest bug fixes, focusing mainly on improvements in object layering:

  • Right-clicking in a selected frame and section now opens the context menu instead of selecting an inner object.
  • Clicking outside a comment on a view-only board now closes the comment.
  • You can now resize a shape all the way down to its minimum height in one go.
  • Shapes with multiple lines of text sized to the minimum height no longer get resized the next time you select them.
  • Objects inside sections can now be consistently moved to the front or to the back.
  • Once placed inside a section, objects now maintain their previous layer order.
  • When duplicating connected objects, the connectors now keep the same position as in the original, rather than moving to the front.
  • We've fixed a bug where the first character typed in some languages was not always displayed.

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