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Product Updates, March 2018
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March 29, 2018

We added tons of new features and enhancements over the last month. Here are a few of the notable ones:

People Outside of Your Workspace Can Now Comment

When you create a shared link to your diagram, you can toggle “Allow Comments.” This enables you to collaborate with clients and stakeholders without needing to add them to your workspace.

Animation showing how you can create a shareable board link


Copy to Clipboard and Paste in Other Apps

Select exactly what you want, copy to clipboard, and paste into Google Docs, Keynote, Confluence, etc. This is great if you only want to share a smaller portion of your diagram.

Animation showing how you can copy Whimsical board objects to your clipboard and paste elsewhere


Copy Diagrams

You can now easily duplicate existing diagrams and add the copy wherever you would like, even other workspaces.

Easily duplicate boards in your workspace


Custom Connectors from the Quick Add Button

If you want more control when connecting objects, you can just click and drag on the quick add button.

Drag connectors directly from quick add buttons


Double Click Connectors to Edit Text

This now works the same way as shapes do.

Double click connectors to add a label


Drag and Drop Multiple Images

Add a bunch of new images at once. We’ll automatically stack them for you.

Drag and drop multiple images at once and they will be automatically stacked


Frames for Images and Links

When you add images or link snapshots to diagrams, we automatically add a frame around the outside.

A white border frame is added to images to improve aesthetics


Zoom to an Specific Area

Hold down “z” and drag to zoom to a specific area of the canvas.

Hold down Z and drag to zoom to a specific area


Annotate Images with Shapes (this feature has since been updated)

When you place an object with outline/dash style on top of an image, the fill is dropped.

Drop the fill from shapes so you can annotate images


Improvements to Connectors

Connectors are now smarter. For instance, when moving a connected shape, the elbow keeps itself centered between the objects. Connectors are also now easier to move to a different side of a shape.

Smarter connectors keep the elbow centered between two objects