Our Philosophy

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May 23, 2020
From day one, we wanted to build Whimsical into a company that cares about more than just making money. We wanted to build a company that has strong beliefs about how it operates and why. This post is a distillation of said beliefs, republished from our internal handbook.

Whimsical exists to help knowledge workers communicate more effectively in an increasingly distributed workplace. We believe that speed and clarity of communication is the most important success factor in modern business.

More generally, our business is selling time. Better communication means less waste. Our customers can do things faster. They have more time.

We strive to operate on first principles and not accept dogma.

We value ethics over growth and profit.

We work in a balanced and sustainable way.

Every decision we make is considered through a long term lens. The question to ask is how likely we will regret the given decision in 10 years.

We avoid falling into the vicious cycle of reactiveness. We have a proactive mindset.

We are a fully distributed company with no permanent offices. Our primary mode of operation is asynchronous. We use real-time communication with great care.

We invest our time into the company rather than sell it. Every employee is a co-owner. We are all partners.

We value craftsmanship. It doesn’t mean everything needs to be perfect, rather everything we do is done with thought and care.