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How Marker.io uses Whimsical to shape new features

Gary Gaspar
Founder, Marker.io

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Marker.io is a remote-based software company that works to help product teams and agencies collect feedback and bug reports. They use Whimsical to ideate, scope, and prototype new product features as a team.

Life before Whimsical

As a startup, it’s in Marker.io’s DNA to ship new features fast. But as the team expanded and the product evolved, finding alignment was a challenge. The team struggled to identify the right problems to solve and validate product solutions. Marker.io tested a variety of tools, but each was either too limiting or too complex. Nothing quite fit their needs. Ultimately, the team needed a tool that would support easy alignment and collaboration on wireframes, user flows, and documentation.

A better way to find alignment

In 2020, Marker.io found Whimsical. The team was drawn to Whimsical's accessibility and ease of use, especially for non-technical team members. Finally, it was easy to get everyone on the same page.

It was like a breath of fresh air. Whimsical’s magic is that it allows anyone on the team to contribute ideas early in the creative process.

Gary Gaspar Founder

Not only was Marker.io able to quickly secure alignment, but Whimsical's thoughtful UX also helped the team save time.

What really sets Whimsical apart from other tools is the attention to detail,” says Gaspar. The team at Whimsical clearly put a lot of thought into making the tool as user-friendly as possible. For example, the keyboard shortcuts are a real time-saver, and the auto-alignment feature makes it easy to keep diagrams looking neat.

Shaping new features in Whimsical

Marker.io uses Whimsical for critical jobs-to-be-done throughout their product development process, including:

  • Brainstorming and discovering solutions with mind maps
  • Mapping out user flows
  • Prototyping product mock-ups using low-fi wireframes

Thanks to Whimsical, Marker.io has been able to shape, ship, and scale over 30 useful features for their customers.

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